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Common Dreams & Their Meanings

experts believe that all common dreams have a hidden meaning

We often have reoccurring dreams which we wake up believing are trying to tell us something. Well they could be.

Most of the common dreams are remembered because they leave us with a cringe, which makes people believe they are nightmares. One the contrary, most common dreams, no matter how uncomfortable they are, is your mind trying to encourage you to take charge, change or realize something about ourselves.

Having no control of a vehicle

No wonder this dream is scary, it would be a very traumatizing experience had it been real. However, experts believe that dreaming of trying to control an unresponsive vehicle mean that you feel like you lack control of where your own life, career, relationships are going.

Arriving to work/school naked

This is apparently one of the most common dreams people have. There’s little contest to the theory that believes that such a dream represents anxiety and vulnerability. It is common with people who’ve just taken on a new job position, are expected to stand in front of a crowd, or have just started at a new school.


Dreaming that you’re falling usually ends in you waking up feeling that you’ve just crashed on your own bed. Although it’s a scary dream that leaves uncomfortable all morning long, it represent a major life crisis, such as a troubled relationship or career.

Teeth falling out

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out can also be very cringy, and some people even wake up to check that their teeth are still in place. While some experts believe that falling teeth represents a loss in confidence, other believe that it could mean that you’re ready to a new phase in life – just like the transition from child to youth. Some theories even suggest that it is related to wanting to become pregnant or even the need for sexual stimulation.

Being chased

Dreaming that you’re desperately running from a group of people, animals or whatever, although scary, is a positive thing some psychiatrists argue. It is your mind encouraging you to stand up for yourself and face whatever obstacles or problems you’re trying to avoid in life.

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