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Google Gives Parents Control Over Children’s Phones

Google just gave parents full control over teenagers android phones via family link

Parents head out and buy your teenagers Android phones, because Google just gave you full control.

For the many reasons parents want to limit their teenagers’ phones, there is now a way. Google just granted parents full control of their children’s’ Android phones, including screen time limits, remotely locking their phones, or asking for approval when downloading apps.

The new features are now available (starting September 18) on the Family Link app which was released in 2017.

Family Link’s initial purpose was to let children below the ages of 13 to create Google accounts under their parents supervision. With the new update, teenagers over the age of 13 have the same option.

Just like with the old Family Link, parents can use the app to manage their teenagers’ smartphone activity, as well as track their location and enforce some restrictions.

The biggest differences between the two however is that both parties must consent before parents can start monitoring, and that teens can choose to turn off supervision mode at any time.

The only catch is that they will be locked out of their own phones for 24 hours and their parents will be sent a notification.

The features are now available on all Android smartphones, and will be available on Chromebooks very soon.

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