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Boeing Unveils 777X Jetliner

Boeing 777x Jetliner

The Boeing 777X will be the world’s biggest twin-engine passenger jetliner in the skies, and it’s almost here.

Earlier this month, the American aerospace giant Boeing gave us the first glimpse of their upcoming 777X jetliner. It will be the first aircraft in the next generation of 777s.

It will however be some time before we this plane in the sky, since it has about a full year of ground testing to complete first.

Most of the plane’s body is complete, but it is still missing engines and an avionics system.

The 777X will now undergo a series of tests that will push it to its limit so that engineers can fully understand what the plane can and cannot do.

Its wingspan is an impressive 71.7 meters across, with hinged wingtips that measure 3.65 meters alone.

According to Boeing engineers, the longer wings will give the plane extra lift, making it use up 12% less fuel than the A350.

While the most of the planes body is made from aluminum, alike most planes, its wings are made from super-strong, but super-light carbon fiber which makes them extremely flexible.

Scheduled to debut in 2020, the plane will be able to carry between 350 and 425 passengers, and fly the distance of 14,000 kilometers.

Several airlines have already placed orders on the upcoming Boeing 777X jetliner, including All Nippon and Lufthansa.

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