What to know

Wash Your Bed Sheets Now!

bed sheets and pillowcases are full of bacteria and fungi

If you don’t stain or spill something on your bed sheets it might be a while before you wash them.

Scientists believe that you should be washing your bed sheets, pillowcases and blanket covers more than you probably do, especially if you just recently went on living on your own.

The longer you sleep in them, the more they will start to resemble a microscopic zoo. Over the days, bacteria and fungi cultivate inside the fabric to a point that it poses a threat to your health.

Your pillowcase alone can carry as many as 16 different types of fungus, and your sheets even more.

Most of the bacteria and fungi come from secretions from your own body, like mucus, sweat and spit, to mention only a few. Other sources of germs include dust mites, bugs, pollen and lint.

After a while, these tiny cultures will grow in number, strength and effect on you, and can trigger mild to intense allergic reactions in your skin, lungs and eyes.

This is why it is recommended that you never live your sheets more than a week without washing.

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