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How Does Dry Cleaning Clothes Work?

how do the dry cleaners clean your clothes without water

Have you ever wondered how the dry cleaners clean your clothes without the use of water? Well we have.

Whenever you spill something on a valuable or delicate piece of clothing or get it dirty, you always send it off for dry cleaning. The reason is that not all fabrics can withstand the rough cycle of a washing machine, some can’t even survive water. But how can clothes be cleaned dry?

The first thing you need to know about dry cleaning is that, although it doesn’t involve water, it isn’t really dry.

To clean clothes and remove dirt, the clothes have to be soak in a chemical solvent. The most commonly used solvent is tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), or as the industry calls it, “perc”.

In other cases dry cleaners also use trichloroethane and petroleum spirits.

One the the dry cleaning cycle is over, clothes are put into a mild-cycle dryer that tumbles them around in warm air.

Now the serious part is the one that;s next. Your clothes might be clean now, but they are wrinkly, and nobody wants that. What good is a delicate or expensive piece of clothing if it looks like it has been chewed on by pack of elephants?

The difference between the iron that you use at home and the one at the dry cleaner’s, is that the one at home is heated electrically and the one at the dry cleaner’s through steam.

Professional ironers carefully iron out all the wrinkles in your clothes using the steam iron. After that, they sit at the hanger waiting for you to pick them up.

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