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Qatar Lifts Exit Permit Law

under new law, expatriate workers no longer need an exit permit to leave qatar

In a radical change in policy, Qatar authorities have revoked the need for a exit permit for traveling workers.

Up until two days ago, expatriate workers wishing to leave Qatar for short period of time had to apply for an exit permit. This means that the majority of expatriates in the country can now travel freely without having to wait for permission.

The move was hailed as a “huge step” by the International Organization for Labor (ILO).

The decree was signed by Qatar’s emir on Tuesday, changing certain points to the existing labor law that required all foreign workers to apply for permission from their employers before leaving Qatar.

“The adoption of this law is another step in our continued drive to provide decent work for all migrant workers in Qatar and to ensure their protection,” Minister of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs Issa al-Nuaimi said in a statement.

Head of the ILO Project Office in Qatar Houtan Homayounpour said that “this is a huge step taken by the Qatar government. It’s a big deal.”

Adding, “the workers are now free to leave anytime while respecting the contractual agreements.”

The decision does not however affect all workers, including domestic workers and those working with the military. However, authorities are currently working on formulating a similar law specific to certain occupations that were left out in this law.

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