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Ads Are Coming To Netflix

New Netflix ads will change the way we binge watch shows

Netflix have announced a major change that could change the way we binge watch out favorite series.

Besides the occasional “Are you still watching” message, we currently have the privilege to binge watch on Netflix as long as we want, uninterrupted. But this might change soon, according to CNN.

The American news broadcaster reported that the streaming service has started introducing advertisements between episodes, something Netflix have said they would never do.

However, the service was quick to clarify that the advertisements will be promos for their own shows and movies, and not commercials for products and such.

Users have already reported seeing ads for Netflix original content, including shows like GLOW and Stranger Things.

One important aspect of this feature is that the ads won’t be placed in the middle of an episode and interrupt your viewing, but will instead only show at the end of episodes. There will also be a “skip” button available, just like the one during intros.

The promos will in no way be random, but will be relative to your viewing prefrences and are based on shows you’ve seen before. The service hopes that this will introduce people to new shows they might like.

However, this feature remains in the testing phase and will not pop up to most viewers unless Netflix decides to go all out with it.

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