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Debby Ryan is Insatiable

Debby Ryan stars in the high school drama Insatiable, now on Netflix

From a bullied overweight teen to a beauty pageant top contender, Debby Ryan stars in Insatiable, now on Netflix.

Throughout high school, Patricia Bladell was known as Fatty Patty. But after a late night incident left her with a broken jaw and on a liquid diet for 3 months, she emerged slim, hot and seeking revenge. She is insatiable.

This is not your average high school drama. It is funny, it is sexy and there is a lot of high school drama, but another genre would fit it better. It is brilliant in writing, as well as in acting.

If you don’t want your innocent little girl image of Debby Ryan to fade, this show is not for you. Because she is be that naive babysitter from The Suit Life any longer. Debby has broken out of the Disney shell and has embraced adulthood to the fullest.

Created by Lauren Gussis, the series premiered on Netflix on August 10, 2018. Alongside Debby Ryan you can find Dallas Roberts, Christopher Gorham and Alyssa Milano.

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