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Crocs Close Down Last Factory

Crocs, makers of the popular foam clog shows are closing down their last factory

Crocs have announced that they will be closing down their last factory in Italy, sparking global outrage.

Although the internet has always claimed to hate Crocs,

a pair of pink crocs

A pair of pink Crocs.

the comfortable foam clog shoe, the world went crazy when they learned that they are closing down their manufacturing facilities.

Yes, Crocs might not be the most aesthetically attractive shoes ever, but they are among the most comfortable and practical in the world. And that’s something we could all agree on.

After 16 years of a love-hate relationship, the shoe who no one believed would be missed, gains love from the world.

However, most the outrage was for nothing. The company quickly cleared things up and said:
“FALSE ALARM: We aren’t going anywhere,” through Twitter.

“Take comfort, #CrocNation. Our future remains as bright, bold and colourful as ever,” the company added.

According to the statement, the company will be closing down their last factory in order to “simplify the business and improve profitability.” This comes after they closed down another factory in Mexico earlier this year.

Crocs said that they believe the closure would bring in between $240 to $250 million in revenue during the third quarter of the year, having brought in $243.3 million during the same time last year.

Also earlier this year, Crocs had introduced a high-heeled version of the foam clog in collaboration with British designer Christopher Kane.

Named the “Women’s Cyprus V Heel,” it is probably one of the comfiest, yet ugliest high heels there are out there. They however managed to become sold out on the company’s web store.

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