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How To Cure Bad Breath

Bacteria and leftover food are the main reason behind bad breath

Having bad breath can not only damage one’s confidence and self-esteem, but could also be irritating to others.

Yes, bad breath is bad for you, as well as those near you. Just like you wouldn’t want to have a cloud of rotten eggs blown in your face, neither does anyone else. Therefore, make sure to deal with you bad breath appropriately.

The main reason behind bad breath is poor oral hygiene, and that doesn’t mean just not brushing.

Brushing your teeth is essential, but technique and frequence play a big role. Brushing before going to bed can be more effective than brushing after you’ve just woken up. Bacteria and leftover food shouldn’t be left to decompose and decay overnight.

For the same reason, you should also always floss before you brush your teeth at night. It is understandable that you, just like everyone else, would be too tired and lazy to do it before bed, but make sure to brush a short while before sleeping and that would be perfectly fine as well.

Also, remember to brush your tongue. The tongue holds on to many types of bacteria and leftover food as well. You can either brush it using your toothbrush, or a specialized tongue brush which you can buy at the pharmacy.

However if bad breath persists, it could be a sign of something far more serious than just poor hygiene. Foul odor is a symptom of a range of oral infections and tooth decay, which is why you should visit a dentist if you like you have a problem.

As for mouthwash, it does smell/taste great, but it really isn’t. What most mouthwashes do is just camouflage the bad breath, which will come back as soon as the mouthwash washes out.

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