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Why You Shouldn’t Take Off Your Shoes When Flying

don't ever take your shoes off while flying and go with bare feet

There are two big reasons why you should never take your shoes off while flying, and neither are stinky feet.

Even though you shouldn’t take your shoes off especially if you have stinky feet, you should avoid doing it at all while in the air.

While keeping your shoes on is not included in the emergency procedure briefing that you are given before each flight, it is a safety requirement.

Just in case something happens while you’re on board and have to make an emergency exit, it wouldn’t go well if you have bare feet.

Just imagine getting your feet stepped on by hundreds of panicking passengers, or stepping on pieces of shard or broken glass, or even hopping out of an airplane with no shoes on,

But even if no emergency happens, you should still not take your shoes off. Especially if you have a long flight.

The pressure in the air is different from that on the ground, and many people have flown barefoot only to land and find that their shoes don’t fit anymore.

Yes, your feet can swell due to the change in atmospheric pressure and would not fit back into your shoes.

Therefore, save yourself, and everyone else, the trouble and don’t take your shoes off.

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