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What’s The Difference Between Vanilla & French Vanilla?

this is the difference between regular vanilla and french vanilla ice cream

Searching through the ice cream bar you can notice that there are two types of vanilla, the regular, and the french vanilla.

I always thought that it was called French Vanilla in a way like Swiss chocolate, it simply was from France. But after giving it a little of thought: why is French vanilla a different color, and why does taste and feel the same?, I asked myself.

Well first of all, let’s introduce vanilla. What we know as a flavor, actually comes from a type of orchid that grows near the equator. There are many ways to process the plant, but almost all ways are to create a rich, sweet flavor.

French vanilla on the other hand, besides coming from France, is actually quite different from that equatorial plant.

The reason French vanilla if yellow can tell much about what it is – eggs. The very foundation for making French vanilla is adding egg yolks.

These eggs are also the reason the French version is smoother and has a richer and more complex taste.

Regardless, both types of vanilla are the best ice cream flavor there is. I believe we can all agree on that.

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