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Microsoft rolls out Skype 8.0 with hd video calls

Skype 8.0 just launched on desktop and offers HD video calls, as well as encryption and call recording.

Over the years, Skype has been able to remain on of the world’s leading video call and conference application despite competition from all sides.

The company was met with mixed reviews when they launched a redesigned version of the desktop application, which had remained relatively the same for decades. However, they are still going ahead with new designs and features, successfully.

HD video calls

HD video calls with reations – Skype

Last week Microsoft, Skype’s parent company, launched Skype 8.0, that is scheduled to completely replace version 7.0 by September 1, 2018, when the classic app will stop working.

The new release comes with a lot more than just a new interface and design. Some of its new features include HD video, screen sharing calls and a chat media gallery that is able to store 300 MBs-worth of files and media.

Skype chat media gallery

Skype chat media gallery – Skype

The company also promised that it will introduce encrypted audio calls, texts, file sharing and a built-in call recording option this summer.

Skype has been able to withstand in the face of competition with some 300 million monthly users, but that figure does not seem to be growing. Mobile applications such as Apple’s FaceTime and Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp are easy-to-use alternatives that users are preferring, but they just aren’t Skype.

Skype 8.0 photo, video and file sharing

Skype 8.0 photo, video and file sharing – Skype

These new feature will definitely help bring back users, but they need to be as practical, user-friendly and lag free, just like the competition.

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