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TAU Netflix Movie Review

TAU science fiction thriller movie now on Netflix

TAU could very well be the one Netflix science fiction thriller you need to watch all summer.

On June 29, Netflix premiered TAU, a science fiction thriller directed by Federico D’Alessandro, from a screenplay by Noga Landau.

It is scary, it messes with your mind and has a whole lot of futuristic technology, what’s not to love?

The story of the movie follows Julia, a thief who spends most of her time on her own, living day by day. But her entire reality changes the night she is abducted and wakes up restrained in a dark prison.

There, she is known as “Subject 3”, and is forced to be part of a brutal scientific experiment involving artificial intelligence embedded into a house. Will she and the other subjects make it out in time or will the house get them before they can make an escape?

The movie stars Maika Monroe as Julia (Subject 3), Ed Skrein and Gary Oldman as the house itself, Tau.


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