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Sony accidentally Uploads Entire Movie to YouTube

Sony uploads Khali The Killer full movie on Youtube instead of trailer

Accidents happen, but have you ever heard of a studio posting a full length movie on YouTube instead of the trailer?

You probably missed it, but more than 11,000 people were able to watch the film Khali The Killer for free on YouTube after Sony accidentally uploaded the entire movie instead of the trailer.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment was intending to upload the trailer of Khali The Killer, a straight to DVD crime drama, to advertise that the movie is available for purchase. Instead, they uploaded the entire one and a half hour of it.

GIZMODO was quick and captures this screenshot from the movie’s 34th minute, which was titled “Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer Now on DVD & Digital.”

Screenshot from YouTube - GIZMODO

Screenshot from YouTube – GIZMODO

The movie has since been removed from YouTube and replaced with the trailer, but it had been available as a YouTube rental, which might explain how it got on the website in the first place.

Khali The Killer is a crime drama written and directed by Jon Mathews, and stars Richard Cabral as a retiring hitman on one last job.

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