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Missing Thai Football Team Found But Not Rescued

trapped Thai football team have been rescued from cave

The missing Thai youth football team has been found but might have to stay in cave for several months.

Rescuers have found the missing Thai football team stuck in a cave in northern Thailand, but have no way of getting them out.

All 12 boys and the football coach have been found alive and in relative good health after searching for 9 days. They were found on an elevated rock some 4 kilometers from the entrance of the cave.

Officials have said that the boys will be supplied with food and water for coming four months, during which they will also be taught of to dive in anticipation of flooding.

Thailand’s rainy seasons usually last until October, before which rescuers believe will be hard to get them out. “It would be incredibly difficult at the moment to have the boys attempt to return with the dive team,” said Thomas Hester, Detective Superintendent for the Australian Federal Police according to Business Insider.

They even rushed to pump water out of the cave as weather forecasters predict heavy rainfall which could complicate rescue efforts.

At the moment, efforts are focused on bringing the children a powerline and communications equipment.

Aged 11 to 16, the boys alongside their 25-year-old coach went missing on June 23 after entering a cave in Chang Rai, northern Thailand, and becoming trapped by rising floodwater.

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