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How It Ends: A Netflix Summer Blockbuster

How It Ends, newest Netflix blockbuster starring Theo James and Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker and Theo James star in this year’s biggest Netflix blockbuster movie, How It Ends.

This movie has everything it takes to be a summer blockbuster; awesome effects, an epic story, and, of course, Forest Whitaker and Theo James. How It Ends is the Netflix movie you should anticipate.

While Will is visiting his judgmental father-in-law Tom, a series of unexplained natural disasters leaves both of them out of contact with Will’s wife, Samantha. Despite the chaos, Will and Tom decide to drive across the US, through the brutal storms and military blockades, to find Samantha and bring her back safely.

The setting of the movie is very mysterious, mainly because you can see massive storms, roads crumbling and what seems like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, but without any references to what’s going on.

However, as the title (How It Ends) hints, it could be the apocalypse.

The movie was written by Brooks McLaren and directed by David M. Rosenthal. It stars Theo James (The Divergent Series), Forest Whitaker, Kat Graham and Mark O’Brien.

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