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5 Weird Sports From Around The World

weird sports played around the world

While most are busy watching the football world cup, people around the globe are playing weird sports you never heard of.

Some sports – football, basketball, tennis, etc. – are universal and played almost everywhere you go on this planet. However, some countries and region have some pretty weird sports that you would’ve never have imagined.

Ostrich Racing

We have seen people racing horses, cars, motorcycles, but ostriches? The sport originated in Africa and eventually made it to other parts of the world. An ostrich can run as fast as 70 kilometers per hour, and can skip 5 meters in a single stride.

Elephant Polo

Popular in Nepal, India and Thailand, elephant polo is like regular polo. The sport also requires a helmet, a ball and a mallet, but is played off the back of elephants instead of horses.

Underwater Hockey

Invented in the UK in 1954, the sport is pretty much the same as regular hockey, but is played under water.


This sport started out as a fictional sport played by wizards at Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series, but eventually turned into a real sport. However, balls and brooms do not fly in the real world, so player have to run with brooms between their legs instead.

Sepak Takraw

This is probably one of the most awesome sports ever. Sepak Takraw is pretty much volleyball, but is played with feet. A game looks like a bizarre kung fu movie.

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