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13 Reasons Why Renewed For Season 3

13 reasons why continues beyond hannah baker in season 3

The intense story following Hannah Baker’s death will continue as another season of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix announced.

We still haven’t recovered from the second season of 13 Reasons Why, put producers are Netflix believe that we are ready for season 3 in 2019.

Just before the weekend, Netflix took it to social media to announce a third season of the popular drama series.

However, we have one sad fact for you. Katherine Langford, who played Hannah Baker, have previously said that she will not be returning to the show after season 2. Could this mean that Hannah’s story is over? Let’s hope not, they could always convince her to come back.

But it was kind of obvious from the season 2 ending that there will be more from characters like Clay Jensen, Tony Padilla, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Alex Standall, Tyler Down, and of course, the people you love to hate, Bryce Walker and Montgomery de la Cruz.

Let’s also keep in mind that season 2 ended with Clay talking Tyler out of going into the Spring Fling swinging an assault rifle after he was beaten up and sexually assaulted by Montgomery and his jock friends.

This could possibly be a hint to yet another taboo topic being touched in the upcoming season, school shootings.

The show gained popularity for dealing with taboo topics like teen suicide, bullying, underage drinking, drug abuse, drunk driving and rape in graphic details.

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