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Government Approves Permanent Residency Draft Law

Qatar Shura council approves new draft law on permanent residency

The Qatari cabinet announced that they had approved a new draft law allowing foreigners permanent residency in the country.

The cabinet approved a permanent residency draft law on Wednesday after the reviewing recommendations by the State’s Shura Council.

The Shura Council had approved the draft law on Monday and forwarded it to the Cabinet for a final review, after months of discussions..

Expatriates all over Qatar hailed the decision, which will see a selected number of them granted permanent residency cards.

Under the new law, a committee set up within within the Ministry of Interior will handle requests and issuing of permanent residency identity cards to non-Qataris, following the Minister’s approval.

Permanent residency card holders can stay in the country indefinitely, and could also benefit from government services such as treatment and education in state institutions.

It was also announced that a decision taken by HE the Minister of Interior may grant permanent residency IDs to children of Qatari women married to a non-Qatari men, as well as persons who have offered valuable services to the country and people of Qatar.

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