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The Best Way To Power Nap

the best power nap for energy is drinking espresso after being asleep

Feeling tired and drowsy throughout the day? Take a quick power nap and regain all your strength and energy.

This one is for those long days at the office when you just can’t keep your eyes open. Whenever a person is tired enough to fall asleep at their desk, then they shouldn’t have been up in the first place.

When you start falling asleep even though you’re fighting it, it means that your body is too exhausted and can’t carry on. Staying up when your body is dragging you to sleep is not healthy, and can lead to serious mental and physical health complications.

This is the ultimate power nap guide:

You will need two things: A pillow (and blanket), and a double shot of espresso.

Espresso works best when it is cold. Therefore, leave the double shot on your desk or next to your bed. Set your timer for 15 minutes and take a quiet nap, then drink the cold espresso as soon as you wake up again.

A 15 minute-long nap and a shot of cold espresso can give you enough energy to keep you alert through out the entire day. Have fun.

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