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Should Muslims Go To Gym During Ramadan?

Fasting people still have energy to head to the gym and exercise

Although you might be feeling tired and without energy, you should not stop exercising just because you’re fasting.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast, refraining from food and water from sunrise to sunset. Many take this time as a vacation from the gym, but they really have no reason to.

Between fasting, praying and setting up iftar, there’s a window of time that is just perfect to use for exercise.

Specialists believe that best time to hit the gym in Ramadan is just before sunset, or iftar.

Since you know that you will get to eat and drink in an hour or so, you can push your body a little extra. You should however cut your routine short, and never do more than an hours worth of exercise while fasting.

If you don’t find the time (or energy) to work out before you break your fast, an hour after is also fine. By then, you would’ve digested much of the food you ate and would have fresh energy.

However, exercising in the middle of the day can be one of the worst things you can do. It can exhaust you, dehydrate you, and even land you in the ER.

Also, try to stick to strength training and avoid intense cardio exercises.

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