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5 Drinks You’ll Find On The Iftar Table During Ramadan

popular drinks at the iftar table in Ramadan

Ramadan is about eating and drinking as much as it is about refraining from food and drinks.

After a long, hot day of fasting, you want to break the fast of Ramadan by a drink first. Rehydrating before eating is vital to your organs and health, and could even give you kick of energy you desperately need if if the drink contains sugar.

These are the 5 most loved drinks to find at the iftar table:


Very popular in Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, Jallab is made from grape molasses, grenadine syrup, and rose water, which are smoked with Arabic incense. It is usually served with floating nuts and raisins.


It is the simplest, yet the tastiest of all (in my opinion). Ayran is yogurt mixed with chilled water. Sometimes, a bit of garlic, salt and mint are added for flavor.


Vimto is the most popular sugar drink during Ramadan in the Arab Gulf

Vimto is a cordial drink from England that has become widely popular in the Arab Gulf, especially during Ramadan. It is made from the juice of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrant.

Pepsi/Coca Cola

Well, no dinner table in the Arab World is ever complete without a bottle of Pepsi or Coca Cola. And why not? They are both very refreshing.

Qamar Al Deen

A thick, sticky piece of apricot nectar is left to dissolve in water for a while and you’ll have a sweet apricot drink. It is especially popular in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.

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