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Experimental Drug WAY-316606 May Be Cure for Baldness

way-316606, a new drug designed to treat osteoporosis can help cure baldness by fighting hair loss and promoting hair growth

A new experimental drug developed to treat osteoporosis has shown to be effective in combating baldness.

Baldness might be a thing of the past after clinical trials of the experimental drug dubbed WAY-316606, which was developed to treat osteoporosis, a condition which causes bone to weaken and break easily, has shown to promote rapid hair growth.

The drug has not been tested on humans yet, but tests on donated hair follicles showed that it could be effective in fighting hair loss. WAY-316606 works by targeting a protein that is known to halt hair growth.

This miracles drug has given new hopes to millions of men and women who suffer from hair loss around the world, and could open up a whole new approach to the issue.

In just six days it can cause human hair follicles to grow up to 2 millimeters of hair, while untreated hair follicles only grow about 1.5 millimeters over the same period of time.

Currently, the only effective way to beat pattern baldness, hair loss that primarily affects the top and front of the scalp, is to have a hair transplant surgery.

While other medications, such as minoxidil and finasteride, do help stimulate hair growth, they don’t always return desired results and have some rather uncomfortable side effects.

There will be some time before we can find a commercial version of WAY-316606 ready to buy at the pharmacies as it needs to undergo a lot of testing first.

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