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Pets That Are Easy To Take Care Of

god, guinea pig, betta fish and canary are the best pets for you looking for low maintenance pet

Planning on getting a pet but don’t want one that needs high maintenance? Here’s all you need to know.

Before adopting an animal to live you, you need to know exactly how much time, effort and attention that animal needs to be comfortable and healthy with you. While most pets require much attention, some require a lot less than others.

Betta Fish

You might believe that the easiest pet fish to take care of is a goldfish, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Goldfish are actually very fragile and require much care. A betta fish however, can basically live in any bowl or aquarium, and don’t need more than just being fed. But keep in mind that it is a loner and would start fights with other fish, so it is best left alone.


Canary birds are beautiful and fun. Not only will they lighten up the mood with their constant song, but also with their vibrant colors. All you need to do to keep a canary happy is to give it a rubber two or two, as well as keeping it well fed with fiber-rich foods.

Guinea Pig

If you’re looking for something larger than a hamster and smaller than a dog, then a guinea pig is a perfect choice for you. They are playful, rarely violent and aren’t loud at all, which makes them the perfect snuggle buddy.

A Dog

Sometimes it is best to go big or go home. You can never go wrong with a dog pet as long as you choose the appropriate breed for you. Before adopting a dog, talk with a veterinarian, tell them a little about your lifestyle, and they could recommend the perfect dog for you.

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