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Major Update Coming To Instagram

instagram newest update will give you all your data and photos

Instagram is about to make your life a whole lot easier with their newest update.

Imagine your phone gets broken and all your saved data and photos are gone. That’s when the new Instagram update comes in handy.

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular photo albums, but it had one problem, it was for storing and viewing, not sharing or relocating.

Once something was on Instagram it would stay there forever, in that tiny, screen-sized, low res format. And if you want it back, the only way to do so would be an screen capture which would give even less quality.

However, the popular app is tackling this problem with their newest update.

Thanks to new privacy laws in Europe, Instagram will soon allow users to download all their data at once.

Even though it might be a whole lot more than you are looking for, it is pretty practical for many circumstances.

You will however not be able to download them directly from the app. You will have to make a request to Instagram, which will send you a link with all your data sometime within 48 hours.

Alongside your photos and data, the app, which is owned by Facebook, will also send you your stories, likes, searches, DMs, as well as a list of people you follow and people who follow you.

This new feature will become available on both iOS and Android very soon.

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