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Guess What! Uranus Smells Like Farts

the planet uranus is covered in a cloud of hydrogen sulfide making it smell like farts

Scientists have discovered that there’s a huge cloud of farts hovering over Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun

Awkwardly, this is not a joke. Scientists from the University of Oxford have found a cloud of hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives rotten eggs their foul scent, surrounding Uranus, leaving it smelling like a huge fart plant.

It is one of the most popular bad smells here on Earth, a smell the human population generally agree on disliking.

But I guess some of the rather fartsy persons would live happily on the planet, letting one rip undetected whenever they feel like it.

Thank god none us of live on Uranus.

Scientists working on the study used the Gemini North telescope on Hawaii’s Maunakea to capture infrared light emitted from the planet, and then analyzed it.

They concluded that Uranus’ outer layer of atmosphere is made up of hydrogen sulfide clouds, proving previous theories.

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