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You Can Charge Your iPhone Fast

Running low on battery life, charge your iphone faster with ipad charger

Always running low on battery? We know a trick that can help you charge your iPhone twice as fast.

An iPhone running low on battery is basically useless. While there are endless possibilities to what you can do on your iPhone, but no juice means no fun.

To supercharge your iPhone and reach more than 10% of battery juice in less than five minutes, follow these steps:

1 – Switch your phone to airplane mode, this will stop apps from working in the background and use up battery life.
2 – Use and iPad wall charge, it is designed to provide devices with more electricity per second (AMPS). Your phone’s charger delivers 1.0 AMPS while an iPad charges delivers 2.1 AMPS.
3 – Plug it in and let it be; the more you use your phone while charging, the slower it recharges.

By following these simple steps you can have a dried-up iPhone 6 back online with 10% battery life in less than 5 minutes.

In the long run, it has been proven to save up to an hour and more in charging time.

Enjoy all the extra battery life you have!

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