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Seaweed That’s Twice as Healthy as Kale and Tastes Like Meat

this red algae is a strain of seaweed that tastes like bacon

Researchers at the Oregon State University have patented a new strain of seaweed that’s both healthy and yummy.

So imagine this, a food that tastes like bacon AND is twice as healthy as kale, amazing, right? Well American researchers have found a seaweed that is just that.

Although hard to imagine being true, the seaweed is a red marine algae that pretty much looks like red lettuce.

While many types of seaweeds are edible, this one has very high nutritional value, as well as great taste – we mentioned it tastes like bacon – and it grows very quickly.

The algae was discovered when Oregon State researchers started growing it in search of a good food source for edible sea snails known as abalone.

The new strain of seaweed belongs to a type of red algae that naturally grows along the coastlines of Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Finding greater potential for the bacon-seaweed than being just snail food, various departments within the university are already working on finding alternative uses for it.

Among them is the university’s Food Innovation Center, which worked on creating a range of foods with the red algae as the main ingredient.

Although it is believed that people would still prefer bacon made from animals, it could become a soaring industry for vegetarians and vegans who are looking for the same savory flavors, but meat free.

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