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McDonald’s Arabia Has A Halloumi McMuffin

McDonald's Arabia halloumi McMuffin

Whenever McDonald’s try to mix local flavors with their popular originals, the outcome is always superb.

McDonald’s Arabia has added a new item on their breakfast menu, and it’s the most Arab fusion food ever – the Halloumi McMuffin.

This is in fact beyond every Arab person’s wildest dreams – given that they are McDonald’s fans of course.

The new breakfast sandwich contains a piece of crispy grilled halloumi, shredded lettuce, a slice of tomato and tasty olive paste.

It is without a doubt the ultimate vegetarian breakfast, but there’s one issue with it – it’s only available in the Arab Gulf. Even McDonald’s in Lebanon, where halloumi cheese is from, don’t have it.

While the world waits for their Halloumi McMuffin, we will be enjoying ours to the max.

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