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These Netflix Codes Will Give You Access To Entire Library

Secret Netflix codes let you browse entire library

There are certain Netflix codes, which if used at the end of a URL will lead you to exactly what you want to watch.

While there’s no way to know exactly how many movies, series and documentaries are on Netflix, there is a way to discover them all – Netflix codes.

Netflix works by suggesting content that are either new, or the system believes you’d be interested in. And while the search tool won’t reveal all available titles to you, there’s something that will.

There are secret codes that the Netflix system uses to group movie into more narrowed-down genres.

To browse through one of these detailed genres, you’d need a specific ID – of which there are tens of thousands. For example, the page with the sub-genre “Movies based on children’s books” is:

https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/10056 (the last five digits, 10056, being the code).

Every other combination of five digits would lead you to a page exhibiting a unique genre of movies.

To know which five digits are code for which sub-genre, users have created lists and posted them online for other users to utilize.

Ogres Crypt is one of those users, who has compiled both a “main list” as well as an “extended list” you can browse through.

However, these codes can only be entered through URL, meaning that you’d have to do it on your computer.

But you can, of course, find the movie or series you’d want to watch and then search for it using your phone, smart TV or console.

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