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You Can Now Book a Stay at the Aurora Station

the Aurora Station by Orion Span will become the world's first space hotel

The Aurora Station is set to become the world’s first space hotel, and you can book your stay today.

For only $80,000 (USD), you can book the most extravagant vacations in history. Orion Span plans to have the Aurora Station, the world’s first space hotel, open for business by 2022.

The hotel will be the world’s first fully-modular space station, on which guests can stay for 12 days at a time.

Interior schematic rendering of Aurora Station. (Courtesy Orion Span)

Interior schematic rendering of Aurora Station – The Architect’s Newspaper/Orion Span

However, the refundable $80,000 you pay when booking is only a downpayment to reserve yourself a room, the actual price of the entire stay is closer to $9.5 million per person, or about $800,000 per day.

The Aurora Station can host up to 9 people at a time, at an altitude of 322 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

“Close enough for great detail and photographing your hometown, far enough to get a glimpse of our broader pale blue dot. With an orbit complete every 90 minutes, you’ll see countless sunrises and sunsets,” their website states.

It also states that the station would complete an orbit around Earth every 90 minutes, meaning that “you’ll see countless sunrises and sunsets.”

Reservations for the first four months have already sold out, so you’ll have to hurry up if you want to stay on the Aurora Station within its first few years of operations.

If interested, you can contact Orion Span through their website.

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