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It’s Time You Watch La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

la casa de papel (money heist) a spanish limited series on netflix

La Casa de Papel is with no doubt one of the best foreign language series you’ll watch on Netflix this year.

Named ‘Money Heist’ in English, La Casa de Papel is a Spanish crime television series created by Alex Pina. Originally made for the Spanish channel Antena 3, it was acquired for international release by Netflix and became one of their most popular shows this year.

The show was filmed in Spanish, but you can find it dubbed to English on Netflix.

The show follows the story of a man only known as The Professor, who gathers a team of eight outlaws to carry out the biggest heist in history. To steal 2.4 billion euros, The Professor’s team has break into the Royal Mint of Spain and print their own money.

However, printing 2.4 billion euros take days. How long can the eight Robin Hoods fend of the police while having to deal with rebellious hostages?

With The Professor busy outside of the Royal Mint building, it’s up to Tokyo, Rio, Nairobi, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo, Denver and Berlin to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

But just as The Professor finds distractions on the outside, so does the team on inside.

Fans are preparing for the second part of the first season to premier on Netflix on April 6. Until then, either watch the first part, or check out this cool trailer.

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