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The Hard Life of The 1990s

The 1990s was without a doubt the best era for many people around the globe. However technology was still basic.

Back in the day our technology wasn’t as helpful as it is today. Looking back at what we believed to be cutting-edge in the 90s, it looks like a real hassle compared with today’s world.

In the 90s, you’d only know who’s calling you after you answer the phone. There were no caller id, or even a phone screen in many cases.

And when it came to numbers of friends and family, you had to remember them. Unless you carried around a phone book wherever you went.

But if you were looking up a phone number for someone you didn’t know, you’d need to go through a weird-smelling thousand page phonebook known as the yellow pages.

TV wasn’t as fun in the 90s either, especially if you were using it to play video games. Back then, console controllers had a cable and you could only sit so far away from the TV.

Watching a movie on VHS was scary too. You’d never know when it would go crazy and destroy the tape all together.

But it was useful because you could record shows and movie directly from the TV using your VHS, which was the only way to watch things on your own time.

When it comes to media outside of the house however, things were tricky. Whether you were bringing along a Game Boy, a Walkman or a camera, you needed to carry along extra batteries.

And the most impractical thing of all the 90s, you had to wait until after you had developed the film to know whether or not your picture looks good.

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