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It’s Game Over, Man!

action comedy Netflix Original movie starring Adam DeVine, Game Over, Man!

Netflix just dropped their newest action comedy film starring Adam DeVine, Game Over, Man!

In the past people subscribed to Netflix to watch movies and series that had already been on TV. Now, they subscribe for their Originals, such as Game Over, Man! which was released today.

Three friends, Alexx (Adam DeVine), Joel (Blake Anderson) and Darren (Anders Holm), are waiters who dream of making it big in the video gaming world with a game they are a creating. But when their benefactor is taken hostage inside a Los Angeles skyscraper, they take it upon themselves to save him.

The movie was originally scheduled to be released on April 20, but Netflix ultimately decided to premier it on March 23 (today) – just in time for the weekend.

It was directed by Kyle Newacheck, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg among the producers, and cameos from Shaggy, Sugar Lyn Beard, Fred Armisen, Joel McHale, Flying Lotus, Steve-O, Donald Faison, Action Bronson, Chris Pontius and Mark Cuban.

Game Over, Man! is the Netflix Original to watch with your friends this weekend.

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