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The World’s First Edible Tan, The Tan Gummies

UTan and Tone have created Tan Gummies, flavored gummy bears that give you a tan

The Scottish UTan and Tone have developed an edible tan in form of gummy bears called Tan Gummies.

Tan Gummies by UTan and Tone

Tan Gummies by UTan and Tone.

Summer is ahead and it’s time to get that bronze tan in time for beach season. However, you might not need to linger in sun for the perfect tan anymore, thanks to Tan Gummies by UTan and Tone.

While natural sunlight and tanning beds can be extremely dangerous, even causing skin cancer, Tan Gummies might be the perfect solution to a beautiful, even tan.

When consumed, the raspberry-flavored gummy bears can help give the perfect golden tone to any skin, no matter how pale, according to the manufacturers.

Supposedly vegan and made from natural ingredients, the supplement contains vitamins, minerals and essential plant nutrients such as lycopene, lutein and astaxanthin.

It takes two gummy bears a day, as a food supplement, over two to three weeks, for users to start noticing a darket, long-lasting tan.

However, the product itself does not contain SPF and will not protect users’ skin form harmful sunlight.

Reactions to the new edible tanning supplement has been mixed, some met it with cynicism while others were excited.

The product has already been sold out on UTan and Tone’s online shop.

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