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The Classiest McDonald’s You’ll Ever See

you’ll find the classiest McDonald’s with fine dining in Freeport, Maine

Imagine a fine dining experience at a McDonald’s… This branch in Maine, USA, has just that.

While McDonald’s, the world’s most popular fast food chain, is generally considered a very casual eating joint, one particular branch looks like no other.


There are neither large yellow arches outside, nore is it in red and yellow. Instead, this McDonald’s branch in Freeport, Maine, USA, is inside a 168-year-old building.

It is the only McDonald’s in the small town and it has a formal dining room, complete with wooden chairs and tables.

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Built by William Gore, a Freeport merchant, in 1850, the colonial building is known as the Gore House. It became a McDonald’s in 1984, after the project faced resistance from the residents of the area.

The town however would not allow the restaurant to erect their trademark golden arches outside. It was agreed upon that the branch would be allowed to have a drive-through later on though.

While it has all the original McDonald’s meals on their menu, they do have some more local foods, like lobster rolls.

If you ever find yourself near Freeport, Maine, make sure to pass by. It would definitely be a unique experience.

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