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Everything Sucks in The 90s

90s themed Netflix Original Series Everything Sucks

It’s time to re-experience high school drama from the 90s with Everything Sucks! The latest Netflix Original Series.

Us 90s kids grew up so fast we easily forgot life before the internet, but Everything Sucks! Is here to reminds us of how life was before fidget spinners and Instagram models.

Set in the real-life Oregon town of Boring in 1996, the show follows two groups of teenagers exploring life and sexuality as they attend Boring High School.

Social outcasts Luke, McQuaid and Tyler just started high school and decide to kick-off the year by joining AV Club. there, Luke meets Kate Messner, a sophomore and the principal’s daughter, who he falls for. However, Kate’s feelings are on fire for someone else.

At the same time, Luke’s mother and Kate’s father grow closer to each other, jeopardizing their children’s intimate relationship.

The Netflix Original Series was created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan, and includes ten half-hour episodes.


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