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The Untold History of The Pizza Saver

the pizza saver (package saver) is the plastic tripod inside the pizza box

The small plastic thing inside your pizza box is called a pizza saver and we know its full history.

Originally patented as the package saver, a pizza saver is also sometimes called a pizza table, pizza Ottoman, or pizza nipple. It is the small plastic tripod placed inside the box to prevent it from collapsing on top of your food.

Although it might seem like one of those things that we are just used to having around without knowing its origin, much is in fact known about how it came to be. Actually, it is only 33 years old.

In 1985, a woman named Carmela Vitale from Dix Hills, New York, issued a patent for a 3-legged plastic tripod that would be placed inside boxes containing foods, such as pizza and cakes, to keep it from sagging and touching the food.

According to patent #4,498,586, filed on February 10, 1983, and issued on February 12, 1985, it was originally called the “Package Saver”. But it has since been renamed the “pizza saver” since protecting pizzas became its primary use thereafter.

The Argentinian Claudio Daniel Troglia patented a similar device in 1974, called the “Guardapizza”, or pizza guard.

While most people toss them away after they are done with their meal, some people have found them useful secondary functions. One of them is turning it upside down and using it as an egg holder.

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