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Disney Pixar Rolls Out Incredibles 2 Teaser

Elastigirl leads the Incredibles 2 movie by Disney Pixar

14 years later, the Incredibles 2 is about to hit theaters and it’s dominated by a female protagonist, Elastigirl.

Mr. Incredible is a stay at home dad, taking care of Violet, Flash, and Jack Jack, while Elastigirl, his wife, is out saving the world in Incredibles 2.

As is clear from the movie’s Olympics teaser, the second installment of the popular 2004 animation will star Momma Incredible, while her husband, Mr. Incredible takes on the hardships of parenting.

Oh, and little Jack Jack explores his powers. Yes, powers, as in more than one superpower.

However, there’s an even bigger change in sequel that you might not notice from just watching the movie itself.

Since the voice of then 10-year-old Spencer Fox is bound to have changed, Disney Pixar replaced the voice actor with a new talent.

Fox has been replaced by Huck Milner to play the voice of Dashiell “Dash” Parr, who sports superspeed for a power.

Holly Hunter (Helen Parr, Elastigirl), Craig T. Nelson (Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible) Sarah Vowell (Violetter) returns to play their original characters, and are joined by Samuel L. Jackson and Brad Bird.

Originally, the movie was scheduled for a June 21, 2019 release, but after lagging in the production of Toy Story 4, it was pushed forward to June 18, 2018, with Toy Story 4 filling the 2019 spot.

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