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Diet Coke Introduces New Flavors

Diet Coke by Coca Cola just rolled out five new flavors

We have great news for Coca-Cola lovers all over the world; there are four new Diet Coke flavors, and they’re awesome.

The 36-year-old Diet Coke just got its biggest make over yet. Aside from the modernized, stylish packaging, the Coca-Cola company just rolled out four new flavors: Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango.

This revamp could be just what the product needs to get back on top of the sales charts after years of decline.

Introduced first in 1982, Diet Coke became an instant success and quickly replaced the company’s flagship diet drink, Tab.

However, over the last few years Diet Coke has been one of Coca-Cola’s least selling products.

Even though people worldwide are generally trying to cut down on their sugar consumption, many have been suspicious of products containing artificial sweeteners, Diet Coke included.

The fresh look and new flavors might be just what Diet Coke needs to achieve the success of Coke Zero, their zero sugar variant of the drink.


It’s still too early to judge the new flavors since some things needs getting used to. But a Twisted Mango-flavored cola doesn’t really sound that appealing.

How about you try them out yourself and let us know what you think!

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