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Instagram Introduces Type Mode to Stories

The photo sharing app Instagram added type mode to stories

The newest update to Instagram has added a new “Type” mode to your stories, a feature users have been asking for.

Instagram is not only about pictures and videos anymore, but has become more about you, the user. The photo sharing app owned by Facebook just made it possible to post stories in Type mode.

Before yesterday, you would have to take picture or video, even if of nothing, if you wanted to post a story on instagram. A restriction that users hated.

Some users just wanted to share how they felt, or a simple text message, but always had to find a picture to post the text over. Well not anymore.

With type more, users can share anything, even just text, either with a plain or colorful background.

“Now, you can turn your most random thoughts into something colorful and expressive,” their website said in a statement about the new update.

Using this new feature is easy. When you open the camera through the app, you’ll find two options under the record button, “Type” and “Normal”.

Tap the “Type” option and let you imagination drift, as you have a big range of styles and backgrounds you could choose from.

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