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Make Way for Monopoly: Cheaters Edition

Monopoly cheaters edition for players who cheat - hasbro

Hasbro has just revealed a new version of the popular Monopoly board game, the cheaters edition.

In my opinion, if you never cheated when playing Monopoly, you never really understood the game. But our friends at Hasbro knows that everyone cheats and are therefore launching Monopoly Cheaters Edition this fall.

It is almost the same as the original game, but players are encouraged to cheat.

Monopoly cheaters edition new cheat cards - hasbro

Monopoly Cheaters Edition cheat cards – Hasbro

The set includes 15 new cheat cards, each stating a cheat that the player who drew needs to execute. If the cheat goes through the player is rewarded, but gets punished if they get caught.

The punishments range from paying a fine to being directly handcuffed to the jail.

the new monopoly cheaters edition board

The new Monopoly Cheaters Edition board – Hasbro

However, the main objective of the game remains to collect as much money and property as you can before the game ends.

The game has destroyed too many friendships when everyone had to play by the rules, so prepare yourself because things are about to get loud.

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