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Retro Action With Nintendo Labo

nintendo switch revolutionized video gaming experience with cardboard nintendo labo

The Japanese video gaming pioneers remain the most innovative in the market. Welcome the DIY Nintendo Labo.

You really have to be an 80s or early 90s kid to understand what it means to have a Nintendo. To them, video gaming is more than realistic sports games and first person shooters. Anyone who has played a Nintendo game knows that it is mean to be, and is, an adventure.

Everyone who’s looking to a genuine gaming experience, rejoice! Nintendo Labo is here.

So the simplest and best way to describe is a cardboard do-it-yourself kit that you can turn into virtually anything.

The kit includes that cardboard cutout, wires and bolts, and of course instructions; the rest is up to your imagination.

You fold them into a 13-key piano, a fishing rod or a motorcycle handlebar, connect your Nintendo Switch and you’ll have a whole new console ready to be played.

The Nintendo Switch screen and controller both become part of the new game, whereas the controller is be mounted onto the cardboard in a practical manner while the screen provides the visuals.

I just can’t wait for a Nintendo Labo Super Mario game to be made.

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