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Could A Person Survive as a Carnivore (Only Eat Meat)?

could you counter the vegetarian and vegan culture, cutting fruits and veggies and survival only on raw meat

While many people are going vegetarian or vegan, could a counterculture of people who only eat meat survive?

As we know for a fact by now, you could survive perfectly fine as a vegetarian or vegan if you keep a balanced diet. You can find pretty much find all essential substances in fruits and veggies, but what if you followed a carnivorous diet? Could one survive on meat?

To someone like me, that sounds perfectly fine, I could eat meat all week and not complain. But it wasn’t until now that found what really happens to your body if you cut out fruits and veggies all together.

Without any greens, your body would have a serious shortage in fibre, meaning you’ll get super constipated and won’t be able to “unload” properly. And this is only the least of your worries.

If you don’t eat any carbs, which are the simplest for your body to convert to energy, it will resort to burning fat and breaking down proteins. As “fitnessy” as it sounds, this could lead to protein poisoning and death from liver failure or something similar.

Also, without any fruits and veggies your body wouldn’t have a source of Vitamin C, which is very vital for your health. Without it you would bruise and bleed easily, and would also suffer from psychological complications and eventually death.

You can however get Vitamin C by eating raw meat, but that could lead to bacterial diseases. (Some cultures however, such as the Mediterraneans, are used to eating raw meat).

So unless you’re willing to let your body go into complete zombie stage, try to finish your broccoli and eat your greens.

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