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Blood Moon, Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse in One Night

Blood Moon, Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse

The end of January will bring us one of the rarest lunar phenomenon there is, a blood moon, supermoon and lunar eclipse at once.

As you’ve noticed over the last few months, there’s always something going on with the moon, but having a total lunar eclipse happen at the same time as a supermoon and blood moon is so rare it’s our first in 150 years.

This means that this will be the only one most of us, if not all, will ever see in a lifetime.

The dramatic event will take place on the night of Wednesday, January 31, and will be visible to the naked eyes since the moon will appear much larger and brighter than usual.

While most people will be able to observe the supermoon and blood moon, only certain people will be able to see the total lunar eclipse.

People in the Pacific Ocean – New Zealand and Australia – as well as people in central and eastern Asia will be able to see all three together.

Those living in West Asia (Middle East) and Eastern Europe will be able to get a glimpse of it as well. However, it won’t be visible to people living the Africa, Western Europe and the Americas.

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