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Friends might be coming to Netflix

friends the most popular show ever is coming to netflix

Rumor has it that the popular 90s sitcom Friends might be available on Netflix very soon.

Netflix has many of our favorite shows ready for our viewing pleasure, but one is missing, the most popular show of all times. Upon popular demand, the American global on-demand internet streaming media provider might become the first to offer Friends among their listing.

But hold your horses and don’t get too excited just yet. It is not like Netflix announced that they will start streaming Friends, instead they hinted to it through some cryptic tweets.

If you’re not a religious fan of the show, you might miss it. But if you are, you’d notice that the tweet is a reference to every episode of the 10 season-long show.

Episodes are all named starting “The One with”, for example “The One with The Monkey” and “The One With Rachel’s Sister”.

Despite being based on intuition, the theory seems to be correct. So finish all the shows you are binging right now and prepare for the ultimate Friends marathon.

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