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Top Inventions of 2017

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2017 has truly been a year of innovation. Let’s take a look at some the year’s greatest inventions.

No year has really brought us into the future as 2017. Everything we imagined the future would look like, we have now. Except the flying cars of course. Hurry up science, we need them asap!

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

While some believe it be inferior to other smartphones in the market, e.g. the Samsung S8, others believe it to be the world’s most sophisticated smartphone to date. Regardless whether or not some of its features are practical, you can not deny how futuristic it is all together.

Nike Pro Hijab

nike pro hijab

Nike pioneered the Islamic sports market by introducing the Nike Pro Hijab, a special fabric cloth hijabi women can wear while they workout or compete. The light, breathable fabric wicks moisture and gives women the chance to practice their favorite sport with comfort.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

So how do you make the electric car more mainstream? Well Tesla tackled two of the biggest issues people have with them: they are either too expensive or they have a limited range. The new Tesla Model 3 starts at around $35,000 making it slightly more affordable, and offers more than a 200 miles drive on a single charge.

Oculus Go

oculus go

Facebook’s Oculus Go is the future of virtual reality. Not only is it a pair of VR goggles, but it is also a wearable computer. Best of all, it has a market price of about only $200.

Selfie Stick Drones

Selfie stick drone

Two gadgets dominated last year – the selfie stick and the drones. This year, those two met to become one super gadget, an airborne selfie stick. These small drones have a camera that follow you around autonomously and shoot your every movement.

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