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You’ve Been Washing Your Hair with Shampoo Wrong

Washing your hair with shampoo correctly, how to rub and rinse

There’s a really big chance that, just like most people, you’re not washing your hair with shampoo correctly.

When it comes to us, the majority, we just apply a palmful of shampoo to your hair, rub it in for a while, maybe even let it sit for a minute, then we rinse off.

Well, as it turns out, that is not a very smart, nor healthy, way to use shampoo.

No matter if you use a pre-shampoo treatment, or a post-shampoo conditioner, there’s only one correct way to wash and clean your hair.

The golden rule of hair is that less is more. Fight the urge to overuse shampoo. Apply just a teaspoon of it to your hair, no matter how dirty you believe it is.

The second rule is to reapply. Exactly! Don’t use too much at once, but make sure to lather it more than once.

Also, if you like to rub it in and letting it sit, you’re washing your hair wrong. You should rub it in gently, quickly, and rinse thoroughly.

Remember, don’t leave it in. Wash off all shampoo seconds after you apply it, for the actual cleaning happens when you rinse and not when you rub.

There is however another big no, the biggest there is. When you’re rubbing it in, don’t ever use nails. Never!

Work the shampoo into your hair and scalp gently, using the tips of your finger your open palms. Don’t apply too much pressure and don’t pull.

One last tip!

When you’re drying your hair, don’t rub it with a towel. Instead, you should pat it dry with a towel, and leave the rest to air dry.

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