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Russell Peters is The Indian Detective

Russell Peters stars in the Indian Detective

Canadian comedian Russell Peters stars in the funny crime adventure The Indian Detective, now on Netflix.

Doug D’Mello (Russell Peters) is a Toronto police officer who dreams of becoming an investigator. After a failed attempt to stop drug smuggling operation, he flies to Mumbai to visit his ill father. Little does he know that the Toronto operation was all planned in India.

The 4-episode limited series just premiered on Netflix and is funny enough for you to binge on in one sitting.

Alongside Peters you can find William Shatner playing a Toronto crime boss billionaire, and the beautiful Mishqah Parthiephal playing a good-hearted Mumbai attorney.

It is not clear whether or not the show will continue past the 4 episodes, but the last episode ended in a cliffhanger, hinting that there might be a second season soon.

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